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Prevention of emotional abuse

When we talk about the prevention of emotional abuse, we can simplify the need for an early diagnosis and we would be making mistakes, because although the emergent detection of a form of violence with devastating consequences for the individual is essential, prevention is literally “before it arrives” (pre-venire). We are in a paradoxical reality regarding violence in all its forms. Zero tolerance for violence, however “invisible” violence is extremely widespread. Verbal and political violence, the story of fear, collective alignment, seem omnipresent in a “normality” that has to do with the way in which altruism, empathy, interconnection with the other, lose value in the face of the almighty prevalence of the self.

From the Foundation, we consider that prevention cannot continue to be the “Cinderella” of the New Public Health. Its foundations have been flooded, buried with the global experience of the viral pandemic, observing how all intervention has been anything but preventive.

The research should allow us to understand the genesis of emotional violence in order to intervene in a preventive, educational and affective way on the basis of secure attachment. The evolutionary consideration of boys and girls is based on psycho-affective nutrition and emotional protection. The complex relational view is what can allow us to delve into the determining aspects for preventive work on the appearance of emotional violence. They are the territories of belonging initially, those in which they favor the idea of ​​the other as a legitimate other in coexistence. And therefore, the construction of identity is interactional, relational, eco-systemic. Knowing the resources and capacities of families, as well as the school context, should make it possible to develop preventive strategies for emotional violence.

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